Charlotte’s got a lot

Every city has a lot to offer, but not every city has the “a lot” that Charlotte does. ‘Charlotte’s got a lot’ was born as a result of a community-wide branding effort that took place in 2008. The process was rooted in research to determine the factors that contribute to the true essence of why Charlotte is an attractive destination and was boiled down to the following brand promise.

With its warm, friendly people and inviting Southern hospitality, Charlotte is a clean, beautiful and diverse contemporary city that is a dynamic financial center with an ambitious can-do spirit. With its trees, lakes and green open spaces, the region is steeped in NASCAR racing heritage and a commitment to family and faith that embraces the innovative, aspires to be the best in all of its endeavors while preserving traditions and not compromising on a superb quality of life.

In the end, the beauty of the brand could be found within the word ‘Charlotte’ itself. Our region isn’t just known for one thing, but it is for many or “a lot” of things. ‘Charlotte’s got a lot’ allows for the versatility and vibrancy that makes our city so appealing to shine through when it’s communicated.

Most importantly, the CRVA knows that it resonates with audiences. A recent return on investment study by Longwoods International found that for every dollar spent in consumer-facing paid media for ‘Charlotte’s got a lot,’ the city sees a $112 return in spending in Charlotte area businesses. And for every dollar of paid media dollar spent out-of-market, the city produces $6 in tax collections.

Ultimately, ‘Charlotte’s got a lot’ is a community brand and is meant to be owned by the visitors and residents who love and advocate for this city. While the CRVA spends more than $2.1 million to market it annually, the true power of the brand lies within the people who embrace it. The CRVA encourages businesses and residents alike to find ways to make ‘Charlotte’s got a lot’ uniquely their own and to continue being ambassadors who represent the “a lot” Charlotte has to offer.