At the CRVA, we are passionate about the community we serve. The stakeholders we work with are as diverse as the events, brands and venues in our business model. No two days are ever alike in this fast-paced environment, but it’s always one of the things that our employees always say they love the most. Best of all, one common ideal continuously rings true for our employees. We love Charlotte and the opportunities that are created by what we accomplish collectively every day. If you have a passion to do great things that enrich our city and that will make it an even more sought-after destination to live, work, play and visit, our careers here are worth exploring.

We are constantly focused on the development of a strong organizational culture that puts an emphasis on “employee first.” The philosophy there is that by investing in employees and creating an atmosphere that fosters strong engagement, employees will in turn devote their energies into their careers and deliver a higher level of customer service, quality and commitment to CRVA brands. Without the dedication of our employees, we can’t work toward the bigger picture in bettering our community.